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Sign language courses are delivered as part-time ...


Interpreting Services facilitate communication between ...


Enquire about any of CSL Studies services or courses


Learn online, self paced courses and live tuition. Skill your frontline workforce in 1.5 hours per week, minimise downtime. Language maintenance tutorials.



Family & Children

A child with a hearing loss is first and foremost your child, a member of your family. Start learning early, give your deaf child every opportunity. Research now indictes that the



Funding & Supports

There is some grant assistance with the cost of interpreting in legal, education and employment services.

Further information available.



Video Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and Video Conference Interpreting (VCI) are interpreting services delivered via PC or videophone.



Why CSL Studies?

Providing services since 1994 we are committed to excellence in service provision, underpinned by principles of Dignity, Equality, and Human Rights.  

Our staff, deaf and hearing have a range of expertise in language acquisition & development, teaching, bilingual education, mental health, culture & identity, law, and other disciplines in the field of deaf studies.

You may be assured that every enquiry is treated with respect, confidentiality, and attention to detail.



We offer a number of key services: (a) sign language interpreting in community and conference settings with over 20 years experience working in medical and legal settings.  Our clients span the public sector in health care, education and training, employment services, and legal services.  Community services and NGOs, private business, and third level education throughout Ireland rely on our  



We are members of the Council of Irish Sign Language Interpreters (CISLI), the governing body for standards and best practice in professional Irish Sign Language interpreting services in Ireland. CISLI consists of a partnership with the Irish Deaf Society (IDS).  

We are also members of the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (EFSLI), and WASLI the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters. 



“We are very happy with the service provided by CSL. The interpreters are always of the highest standard and they are very reliable so we never have to worry about a student being left without an interpreter.”  Karen Mooney, Disability Officer, National College of Ireland


  • Resources
  • Affordable room hire
  • Range of information leaflets
  • Reading room containing books, journals, magazines, and DVDs on a range of topics relating to the Deaf Community


  • Translation qualification for Deaf

    Now available for Deaf People, or bilingual people for whom at least one language is a signed language.  

    Level 6 NVQ (QQI Level 7) Diploma in Translation 

    This may interest you if you tick two or more of the following list?:

    1. Are you Deaf?  
    2. Do you have excellent language skills in two languages e.g. ISL/BSL/ASL/English.  Are you working to assist someone understand information;


  • Deaf Awareness Week

    Deaf Awareness Week 19th to 28th September

    See ISL presentation by the Chairperson of IDS 



  • EFSLI 2014 conference

    EFSLI 2014 in Antwerp - Mind Tricks 12-14th September 2014

    Research findings and good practice, an examination of the cognitive processes that occur in simultaneous sign language interpreting.



Deaf Awareness Week

Deaf Awareness Week 19th to 28th September

See ISL presentation by the Chairperson of IDS 





  • live tuition online video web conference


    Live Online tuition via video web conferenceing - Basic and Level One

    It's so simple, just click the JOIN link sent to you by email.  Basic and Level One courses are




  • Basic Course in ISL

    basicThis an introductory course in which you may experience manual-visual communication and decide if you would like to learn the language.



  • Level 1 Course in ISL

    basicThis course is a beginner course in ISL and no prior knowledge of ISL is needed. It is designed to enable students to acquire a basic ability to converse with Deaf people in everyday situations using sign language.



  • Level 2 Course in ISL

    basicThis is a continuation course for those who have successfully completed Level 1.  It aims to improve communication skills in a range of familiar contexts, participating in longer ...



  • Level 3 Course in ISL

    basicNew Level 3 Certificate in ISL 2013-2014.    Level 3 NVQ in Irish Sign Language uses the British National Language Standards (CILT, 2005), which define competent performance in British Sign Language (BSL) and Irish Sign Language (ISL) skills both ...



  • Level 6 NVQ in ISL

    basicLevel 6 NVQ Certificate in Irish Sign Language (ISL) caters for the learning needs of those who already have competence in ISL at Level 3



  • Level 6 NVQ in Interpreting

    basicLevel 6 Interpreting in Sign Language uses the National Occupational Standards in Interpreting (CILT, 2006), which define competent performance in interpreting.



  • Sign Language Translation

    Signature Level 6 Diploma in Sign Language Translation (QCF) (QCF Accreditation Number: 600/2941/9) Signature Qualification Reference: TRA6 Signature Level 6 Diploma in Sign Language Translation uses the National Occupational Standards in Translation (CILT, 2007), which define competent performance in Translation 1.