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Sign language courses are delivered as part-time flexible learning opportunities. One to one tuition, small classes, leisure and work-based qualifications. Courses are designed for groups such as employers, and public service providers, in health care settings, educational settings, et cetera.

Deaf people form a linguistic minority and have a culture and heritage. Information on culture is vital in understanding the values and beliefs of any language group. Such information is included in our courses. Information on the grammar of ISL, its beautiful capacity for integrating classifier predicates within a spatial framework coupled with role-shift to narrate vivid and animated stories form part of higher-level programmes.     

Basic Course

This an introductory course in which you may experience manual-visual communication and decide if you would like to learn the language.  Participants may expect to learn the manual alphabet, some vocabulary associated with everyday conversation. There is some emphasis on conversational practice.  This course is not accredited though a certificate of attendance will be provided.

Basic Course Information in ISL

The qualifications are accredited by Ofqual (The British Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator). The Awarding Body is Signature. The Qualifications are recognised on the British National Qualifications Framework, and are mapped on the European Qualifications and Credits Framework, QCF.

Levels 1 to 3 are language courses to build learners language skills and knowledge of Irish Sign Language. Professional level training awards NVQ Levels 3 and 6 National Vocational Qualifications in Irish Sign Language uses the British National Language Standards (CILT, 2005), which define competent performance in Irish Sign Language skills in both receptive and productive units.   NVQs are an assessment process.

Candidates build portfolios of evidence samples to a set of Performance and Knowledge Criteria. Candidates must be able to understand and use information, ideas and opinions expressed in a range of work-related and relevant social contexts.

In addition to structured practical language classes, we provide learners with opportunities to study the language in laboratory analysis on computer, role-play in class sessions, debates and discussions. The cultural heritage, key figures in deaf history, storytelling and poetry in sign languages, international deaf organisations, current affairs in the global Deaf community and issues key to Deaf Human Rights such as rights in education, language, and service provision form part of our deaf awareness training programmes. 

Feedback in a session

Progression route

-Level 1 ISL - 9 credits

-Level 2 ISL - 15 credits

-Level 3 ISL NVQ - 28 credits

-Level 6 ISL NVQ - 36 credits - degree - level

-Level 6 Interpreter Training - degree level

-Level 6 Translation - degree level - suitable for deaf and hearing interpreter-translators