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  • Resources
  • Affordable room hire
  • Range of information leaflets
  • Reading room containing books, journals, magazines, and DVDs on a range of topics relating to the Deaf Community


Learn online, self paced courses and live tuition. Skill your frontline workforce in 1.5 hours per week, minimise downtime. Language maintenance tutorials.

  • self paced learning
  • blended learning - work with remote support and the opportunity for face to face interactive instruction as required.
  • online live individual tuition
  • Second language learning can be challenging.  One of the most important aspects to language learning is practice.  E-learning offers easy access to accredited courses, learning resources, video samples, and live tutition online with highly trained and experienced teachers.  E-learning is an effective way to learn and cuts out travel time and costs.  

    Having gained a qualification, just 15 minutes per week, conversation on line with a tutor will effectively maintain your language skills.  Use this opportunity to enquire about vocabulary, have news updates about upcoming events, and generally keep your communication skills in ISL active.