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In today’s fast changing business world we all need to be conscious of efficiencies and economies.

Some interpretation may be effective using webcam software, for example, a weekly check in with deaf staff as to whether they have issues that need to be addressed.  Identify the issues; plan a schedule of meetings to address these issues.  In this way you can manage access and we can ensure that you will get availability of an interpreter when you need one.

Sources of support for employment settings:

FAS offer several supports to employers offering employment to people with disabilities, for example:
* Workplace adaptation grant
* Job interview grant


The Employment Equality Act,1998
The Equal Status Act, 2000
The Equality Act, 2004
The Disability Act, 2005

Soon interpreting ISL Video

Sign language interpretation may be particularly useful in the following range of events, for example:

Staff information updates
* Union information
* Training 
* Induction and explanation of policies
* Health and safety
* Hygiene
* Manual handling
* Fire and safety
* Team building exercises
* Product information
* New task – product building
* Staff consultations
* Strategic planning
* Pension information
* Health Insurance information
* Disciplinary procedures
* Teams established for specific projects