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Financial Interpreting

Ensure that interviews and assessment of means for social protection, budgeting or pension, income tax and tax related enquiries are accurately communicated and that the service users understand their rights and entitlements and the procedures, and documentation required in order to successfully process an application.

Information on a range of schemes can be complex, with many conditions, criteria and calculations needing to be worked out.  Interpretation into a service users first language can significantly ease the stress involved and enable the information provider to deliver a large set of information in an efficient  manner, and utilise their time well.

It is worth noting that for some deaf people Irish Sign Language is their first language (motherease), they have some knowledge of English but referring them to booklets, or the web may not facilitate their access to information.

Soon interpreting ISL Video

Department of Social Protection / Citizen Information Centre / Financial Information/ MABS, mortgages, investments, pensions, and others

Irish Sign Language is different from English?

Irish Sign Language is an indigenous language.  It is not a manual representation of the English language.  English is expressed or articulated by speech and or writing.  ISL is expressed by manual (hands) and non-manual (facial movements.Certain points in the space in front of the signer contain semantic or grammatical functions).

ISL has a complex grammar and similar to universal principles underlying all languages, ISL marks its sentences for tense, manner and aspect, conditionals, negation, emotion, et cetera.  Verbs inflect for person and object, and denote plurality, et cetera.

English is a low context language, one form EG BACK contains many meanings depending on the context – My back is to the wall, the back of my mind, and my back is itchy.

ISL is a high context language and requires three different signs to convey the three meanings of ‘back’ used in this example.

In summary,
English is a low context language expressed in a linear and sequential manner in the form of spoken words
ISL is a high context language expressed in a simultaneous manner in the form of signs layered with movement patterns concomitant with facial expressions.

Translate your information, multiple usage, cost efficient

We can assist you with making your website accessible via translation into ISL on video file for upload to your website.

Interpreters follow a Code of Ethics compelling them to confidentiality, impartiality and other ethical issues such as continuous professional development of knowledge and skills.  You may be confident that our team of experienced professionals are ever vigilant in their care of sensitive information, and documentation is treated with respect.  Interpreters may not utilise privileged information for personal gain.