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  • Resources
  • Affordable room hire
  • Range of information leaflets
  • Reading room containing books, journals, magazines, and DVDs on a range of topics relating to the Deaf Community


One - to - one live tuition via video web conference

It's so simple, just click the JOIN link sent to you by email.  Basic and Level One courses are available online. Book your session with a tutor.  Sessions are 1 hour in duration.  Requests for remote learners progressing to higher level courses will also be considered. Employers managing schedules can minimise down time and upskill staff members in ISL for as little as 1 hour per week. 

Basic Course Information in ISL

Book your session via email, fax, sms, or telephone.  You will receive an invitation by email. At the time of the session, just click 'join' the meeting.  In a few moments you will see a screen containing a whiteboard, notes for the class, any video clips for study, and a live video image of yourself and the teacher.  The class may be recorded and left available in the 'meeting space' for you to review again as often as you need during your course.  Great value for only €30 a session.  You will also receive a log on student code to our student portal to view course notes, video clips, linguistic information, and more...

Entry requirements:  Level One Signature (equivalent to Fetac Level 3 courses)- none, first come first served

Level 2 Signature (equivalent to Fetac Level 4 courses) may automatically progress to Level 2.  Students who have successfully completed sign language courses with other awarding bodies must attend an interview-assessment to ensure that we guide them to the most appropriate course for their current skills and knowledge, with a view to managing their learning in line with student objectives.

Deaf people form a linguistic minority and have a culture and heritage. Information on culture is vital in understanding the values and beliefs of any language group. Such information is included in our courses. Information on the grammar of ISL, its beautiful capacity for integrating classifier predicates within a spatial framework coupled with role-shift to narrate vivid and animated stories form part of higher-level programmes.   


Feedback in a session

Progression route

-Level 1 ISL - 9 credits

-Level 2 ISL - 15 credits

-Level 3 ISL NVQ - 28 credits

-Level 6 ISL NVQ - 36 credits - degree - level

-Level 6 Interpreter Training - degree level

-Level 6 Translation - degree level - suitable for deaf and hearing interpreter-translators

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