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Courses Commence the week of 03-10-16

Late applications  to be received by 10-10-16.

Complete beginners for Introduction, Basic and Level 1 - first come first served, small classes.  

Entry criteria apply for Levels 2 and upward.

Basic ISL  – Unit 101 - 10 weeks - beginners - 3 credits




Basic ISL  – Unit 101 - 10 weeks - beginners - 3 credits



Level 1 ISL (Level 3 QQI)  - beginner level accredited course - 9 credits Thursday


Level 2 ISL (Level 4 QQI)  – 15 credits Wednesday



Level 3 ISL (Level 5 QQI) - weekly, year 1 of 2 year programme – 18 credits – Fees per year



Level 3 ISL (Level 5 QQI)  bi-weekly, year 2 of 2 year programme – 18 credits – Fees per year Tuesday



Level 4 ISL (Level 6 QQI) - weekly, year 1 of 2 year programme - 30 credits.

subject to demand



ISLI423 - Introduction to Interpreting - suited to individuals who work within an organisation with deaf staff members, or deaf service users.  For those who facilitate communication in routine situations such as within the family, within routine tasks within one's own workplace.  Not suited to more complex evironments.  Its delivered as part one of the interpreting qualifcation, - understanding the role, how to prepare, beginning two-way interpreting & sight translation, and self evaluation - 6 credits.

Friday & Saturday



Level 6 NVQ Certificate in ISL (Level 7/8 QQI) - bi-weekly - Fridays 6pm - 10pm - 2 year programme.  Fees are quoted per year


6.00pm-10.00pm €1,985

Level 6 Interpreting NVQ (Level 7/8 QQI) 4 year programme – 128 credits -  Fees per year  

Friday & Saturday

9.00am-5.00pm €3,600 
Level 6 Translation NVQ (Level 7/8 QQI) Individual assessment, individual programme planned  Friday & Saturday    tbc

Level 3 Assessor (Level 5 QQI) A1 Award, City & Guilds

Friday & Saturday

Level 3 Teaching Practice (Level 5 QQI) City & Guilds Award Friday & Saturday   tbc 
Level 4 Teaching Practice (Level 6 QQI) City & Guilds Award Friday & Saturday    tbc
ISL for Family & Children by appointment – bond with your deaf family member, become a bilingual family by appointment    
Private group class for People who are experiencing some hearing loss – Hard of Hearing by appointment    

Classes at your Centre, School or Workplace 

Unit 101 Healthcare 10 weeks - 3 credits

Unit 101 Frontline Staff… 10 weeks – 3 credits

Unit 101 Young People…. 10 weeks – 3 credits



E-learning – learn sign language at your own pace, any time, any place.



Private individual tuition

Levels 1&2 per hour



Level 3 per hour



Levels 4 to 6 per hour



Schools, Community Groups, Employers, etc maximum 15 people per class per hour 


Installment payment options available       
To Register for a class, go to Menu above - Courses/Register      

QQI Quality and Qualifications Ireland was established in 6 Nov 2012 and is the new authority responsible for the work of Fetac, Hetac, NQAI and IUQB. The four bodies are now imalgamated into one Authority.  New policies, codes of practice and regulations are being developed.  Current qualifications offered by Fetac, Hetac, etc. remain valid.  UK awards aligned with the Irish National Framework by the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland NQAI in March 2011.

Information on each course is available from the dropdown menu above.  See course schedules for the time and dates of each course.

We offer high quality teaching with courses designed to develop the learners skills and knowledge to the appropriate level before attempting to commence building a portfolio of evidence to for assessment and verification to submit in order to obtain a qualification.  

  • Qualified teachers
  • Deaf Language Models
  • Student Log-In to online video and text resources
  • support learning resources on DVD
  • courses built around Signature qualifications, mapped to the Irish Qualifications Framework
  • practitioners with 20 years experience in the sector
  • postitive learning environment
  • entry assessment to direct you to the right course for you
  • internally assessed
  • externally quality assured


Demo video 10-15 minutes duration containing a text introduction, a selection of vocabulary signed, and phrases signed using this vocabulary in ISL.

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Range of Qualifications

Levels 1 to 3 are language courses to build learners language skills and knowledge of Irish Sign Language.

Professional level training awards NVQ Levels 3 and 6 National Vocational Qualifications in Irish Sign Language uses the British National Language Standards (CILT, 2005), which define competent performance in Irish Sign Language skills in both receptive and productive units.  

NVQs are an assessment process.  Candidates build portfolios of evidence samples to a set of Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria. Candidates must be able to understand and use information, ideas and opinions expressed in a range of work-related and relevant social contexts.

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In addition to structured practical language classes, we provide learners with opportunities to study the language in laboratory analysis on computer, role-play in class sessions, debates and discussions.

The cultural heritage, key figures in deaf history, storytelling and poetry in sign languages, international deaf organisations, current affairs in the global Deaf community and issues key to Deaf Human Rights such as rights in education, language, and service provision form part of our deaf awareness training programmes. 

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