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Translation 2011



Interpretation, simultaneous and consecutive modes are carried out in live interactive situations.  There is little time to consider the interpreted rendition, and so preparation in advance improves the quality of the experience for service users.  Interpretation provides access to human interaction but information stored in text format can also be made accessible in Irish Sign Language.  The manual-spatial modality of ISL necessitates translations from text into video-file format.  The target language version is delivered live (orally)presented to camera and frozen and is thus a quasi-translation.

Soon interpreting ISL Video

Translation offers a more considered approach to the presentation of information.  Several approaches are possible depending on the function of the finished text, and  how users will interact with it.

  • Business critical translations
  • Standard translation
  • Sight translation
  • Summary translation
  • Website translations
  • Presentations & media translation

Business Critical Translations

Commercial documents, third level educational thesis, and other documents require the skills of very experienced translators.  Consultation with clients, and  research inform our approach to the creation of a high quality target language (TL) text.   Texts are proof-read by a variety of TL users to check accuracy, and accessibility.  Texts are re-edited until a high quality finished version is ready in the target language.


Information from public signage, to core information and notices on public display in business, public services, and educational centres may be displayed in looped digital files.  A standard quality translation involves the translator becoming familiar with content, and developing a presentation in ISL that conveys the original.  To make the ISL presentation as accessible as possible, graphics may be integrated; photos, graphs, video clips, text lists, and others.   See post production information below.

Sight Translation

This is a quick translation.  Internal documents and working documents in draft form may require a quick sight translation in order to progress work.  Student reading support services may find that sight translation offers a way to record and retain work that may be reviewed by current students and by future students and so is a cost effective measure, that will in enable the collection of resources making courses more accessible to deaf students.  The translated presentation will be accurate for content but will place less significance on speaker style, they will equate to a first draft.


A fast growing sector, corporate presentations, television programmes, news, documentaries, are including sign language versions either integrated (having been recorded on green screen) or by dividing screens 2/3 giving 1/3 to the interpreted presentation.  Health and Safety, work systems, hygiene, manual handling information, chemical handling, etc are all types of texts that have an audience for an ISL version.  In services, financial, health, and community notices are also areas where access could be improved with ISL translation.

Academic Texts

For translation of academic texts for deaf students in higher education, we will liaise with your Access Officer or Disability Services Officer to make arrangements.

Summary Translation

As the name suggests, the key ideas contained in an original or sections of an original will be translated into the Target Language.  The translated version conveys the essence of the original.

Website translations

Websites may be made more accessible by the inclusion of sign language interpretation and the addition of a button or link to the signed video clips.  Clips may be located around the site on selected sections of the site.