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Translation qualification for Deaf

Are you currently working or want to work in the following types of activities?;


  1. SNA,
  2. advocate,
  3. resource officer,
  4. translation for websites,
  5. invision translation on TV


Qualification aim



The aim of the Signature Level 6 Diploma in Sign Language Translation is to provide those who
are working or training as translators with the underpinning knowledge, understanding and skills
in order to effectively fulfil the role.

Qualification objectives
At the end of the qualification candidates will be able to:
? demonstrate good practice in their area of professional activity
? be fully aware of the role of the professional translator and the principles of professional
? evaluate and reflect on performance
? be aware of own capabilities/limitations and develop skills where appropriate
? promote personal and professional development.

Target group
Signature Level 6 Diploma in Sign Language Translation is appropriate for people already
working in the field of translation. This will be people working mainly in the media or web
interface but may also be in a number of other areas where translation from English to BSL is
required, such as deaf people facilitating communication in educational settings, resocurce officers, advocacy workers, and more.

Essential requirements
It has been assumed for the purposes of this specification that candidates for assessment will
have language competence as set below, before embarking on this programme.
Candidates are expected to have language competence in both/all languages for which they
provide evidence for this qualification. 

? the equivalent of at least Level 6 in their first language. At Level 6, candidates can
understand and use complex and specialised language. Candidates can deal confidently
with most work situations, both within and outside candidates’ area of professional expertise
? the equivalent of Level 6 in the second language. At Level 6, candidates can understand and
use complex language and express themselves fluently. Candidates can deal confidently
with most work situations.

*The Certificate of Proficiency in English is an internationally recognised qualification, which will enable a candidate to bring their English language up to Level 6 standard.